A partner that creates value for customers
A partner that creates value for customers

Employee care


Education Award for employees' children

Company advocacy“Study hard and make progress actively”The company's employees' children who have achieved excellent results in the graduation examination of the junior and senior high schools will be given an education reward of 1000-2000 yuan.


Staff sympathy

The Party committee and labor union of the company visit the party members in difficulty, the employees who are ill, hospitalized or injured on duty, and the relatives of the disabled and dead employees、“Two participants”And military to military cadres, implement the corresponding treatment according to the policy, and timely issue consolation and subsidies. A Veterans' Symposium is held every year to focus on needs and distribute souvenirs.


Physical examination

The company regularly organizes all employees to have physical examination, prevent diseases and care for employees.


​Medical assistance for retired employees

 In accordance with the relevant provisions of the medical assistance fund for retired employees, the company provides medical assistance and medical subsidies for retired employees, so as to truly share the development results with the enterprise.


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