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Development History

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In 1954,places like Shenyang province and Shanghai municipality encouraged inland construction personnel to establish Jiangxi Electrical Machinery Plant, among which No.6 workshop was engaged in maintenance and manufacturing of transformer.
In 1968,No.6 workshop of Jiangxi Electrical Machinery Plant moved to Lehua Commune,Xinjian County, Nanchang City as a whole and then its Transformer branch was founded. In the same year, the first 10 MVA/110 kV power transformer from JXTC was successfully developed.
In 1979, Transformer branch of Jiangxi Electrical Machinery Plant was established separately as Jiangxi Transformer Plant after getting the approval of Jiangxi provincial people’s government.
In 1987, Jiangxi Transformer Plant succeeded in developing and manufacturing SFP-90000/220 power transformer. 
In 1989, straight-down rectifier transformer (ZHSFPT-90000/110) was officially put into operation, which established the backbone enterprise standing of IXTC in domestically rectifier transformer production field.
In 1996, “Technical Renovation Project in Producing Rectifier Transformer of 220kV” drafted by JXTC was implemented after getting the approval of the State Economic and Trade Commission.Thus, JXTC became one of the leading enterprises which produce rectifier transformer of 220kV in this field.
In 1997, SFSZ11-30000/132-TH transformers exported to Malaysia were shipped by the company's own railways.
In 1998, Jiangxi Transformer Plant was restructured to be Jiangxi Transformer Co., Ltd., which marked the company took an important step in shifting planned economy towards market economy.In addition,its management mode and autonomy in operation were dramatically improved.
On Dec 28, 2000, Jiangxi Transformer Co., Ltd. initiated the founding of Jiangxi Transformer Science & Technology Co.,Ltd after gaining the approval of Jiangxi provincial people’s government.
In 2001, the company's first set of ZHSFPTB-43420/220 voltage regulation rectifier transformer was put into running in Sichuan Xinguangxing Aluminum Co., Ltd. Since then, JXTC joined the ranks of key enterprises in producing rectifier transformer with high voltage and large capacity.
In 2002, Guangxi Beihai Yinhe High-tech Industry Co., Ltd. reshuffled Jiangxi Transformer Science & Technology Co., Ltd.,which laid a solid foundation for both its changing operating mechanism and perfecting management mode on the one hand, and providing a sound platform for its future operation and development in the other.
In 2003, the company carried out Special Transformer Production Technology Renovation Project which was established as the seventh lot national debt special funds project by the state. Perfect production system of manufacturing transformer of 330kV and below was formed by the investment of CNY60,000,000.
In 2005, two units of OSFPSZ9-240000/330 power transformers, transformer of 330kV that the company initially produced, were delivered to Lanzhou Aluminum River Bend Power Generation Co.,Ltd smoothly.
In 2006, 10 sets of ZHSFPTB-382740/220 rectifier transformers were exported to India,which signaled that JXTC took major steps in producing competitive goods and exploring overseas market. 
In 2007, the company signed another contract which contained 24 sets of rectifier transformers and was CNY73,000,000 worth with Indian Vedanta Corporation.
In 2008, supply contract of rectifier transformer applied in electrolytic aluminum project with 1,150,000 tons JXTC signed with Malaysian Qili Aluminum Group set a record in sales amount of its self-operated export contract.
In 2009, Project of developing 500 kV ultra-high voltage transformer and railway electric traction transformer reviewed by Jiangxi Development and Reform Commission and then submitted to National Development and Reform Commission for approval was listed in National Key Industry Revitalization and Technology Renovation Project Invested by Central Government in 2009 as technology improvement project in Jiangxi machinery industry.
In 2014, as the representative of machinery industry in Jiangxi Province, the company was awarded as the "National Advanced Machinery Industry Collective" by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and China Machinery Industry Federation.
In 2015, Enterprise Development Outline in 2015-2020 approved by the company put forward clearly the key points of future development and indicated the direction of enterprise advancement. It played an important role in JXTC’s evolution of science and technology.
In 2016, SFPFZ-360000/220 double split power transformer for photovoltaic power generation produced by JXTC witnessed the first successful power transmission, which marked JXTC had scored great breakthrough in new energy product area.
In 2017, the company broke the output bottleneck by reaching a yield of over 20,000,000MVA, which set a new production record and also represented the increasingly enhanced comprehensive strength of JXTC.
In 2018, the company's value-added business had achieved rapid growth for five consecutive years and kept shattering historical record.
In 2019,the company achieved initial success and saw immensely elevated operation indexes by adopting four-wheel drive strategy.

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