A partner that creates value for customers
A partner that creates value for customers

Talent Concept

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The company's talent profile: the company has four senior technicians, 10 senior technicians and 51 technicians; three employees have received special allowances from the State Council Government, one has received special allowances from the Jiangxi Provincial Government, four have been awarded Chief Technician of Jiangxi Province, two have been awarded outstanding high-skilled talents of Nanchang City, one has been awarded labor model of the National Machinery industry, and six have been assessed. For the provincial labor model, 9 people were awarded the city labor model, 1 person was awarded the national "May 1" labor medal, 3 people were awarded the provincial "May 1" labor medal, 7 people were awarded the "May 1" labor medal, 14 people were awarded the "National Transformer Industry Technical Expert" title by the China Machinery and Metallurgical Commission, 1 was awarded the Provincial Outstanding Communist Party member, and 3 people were awarded the municipal outstanding total. Producer Party members, one time won the honorary title of "young professionals of the province in 2008", one time won the honorary title of "front-line workers with outstanding contributions of the province", one time won the honorary title of "advanced individuals of the province's professional ethics", one time won the honorary title of "top ten markers of the city's professional ethics". The development of the company and the growth of employees support each other, promote each other and promote each other.
Salary and Welfare Guarantee of the Company:
1. Competitive Compensation System
Jiangchang Company always regards the construction of salary system as the strategic focus of human resources development, and has established a very competitive salary system and a relatively perfect performance appraisal system.
2. A Careful and Perfect Welfare System
In addition to paying the "five risks and one fund" according to the state regulations, the annual festival will issue welfare goods such as daily necessities, shopping cards, communication allowances and car allowances for eligible employees, and labor protection supplies will be issued according to the state regulations, such as high temperature fees, baking fees, cold drinks and barreled water in summer, and regular physical examination for employees of special types of work.
3. Humanized Vacation System
In addition to the national statutory holidays and double holidays, you can also enjoy paid annual leave, maternity leave, work-related injury leave, marriage leave, family visit leave, sick leave and funeral leave according to regulations.
4. Star Staff Restaurant
Every year, the company subsidizes millions of yuan to the staff canteen to improve staff meals. The company implements staff buffet.
5. Comfortable Apartment Accommodation
The company provides apartment accommodation for employees in other prefecture-level cities, counties, districts and suburbs of Nanchang, and comfortable hostels for employees working overtime.
6. Convenient shuttle bus
In order to facilitate employees to go to and from work, the company has free transport vehicles to take employees to and from work, which greatly facilitates staff travel.
7. Rich Amateur Cultural Activities
The company regularly holds cultural, sports and entertainment activities such as staff games, mountaineering competitions, skills competition, calligraphy competitions, etc. The company has its own internal magazine "Jiang Bei Newsletter", which comprehensively enriches staff's amateur cultural life and relaxes their body and mind.

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