A partner that creates value for customers
A partner that creates value for customers

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Company Profile
National large-scale second-class enterprises, belonging to high-tech industry, are the main holding subsidiary of Beihai Galaxy Biological Industry Investment Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen code 000806), which is listed on the domestic motherboard. Major business transformer manufacturing began in 1954, and now has 330 kV and below voltage level, annual output of 20 million kVA transformer overall research and development, manufacturing, sales and service capabilities. With its characteristics of high voltage, large capacity, low loss, low noise, superior performance and reliable operation, it enjoys a high reputation in the national market. It is widely used in power transmission and transformation, thermal power Jiangxi Transformer Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Jiangchang" and "Jiangchang Science and Technology") which was reformed and developed by the former Jiangxi Transformer Plant, including hydropower, non-ferrous metal smelting, chlor-alkali, iron and steel, etc. Petrochemical and other industries. Products are sold all over the country and exported to India, Malaysia, Azerbaijani, Sudan, Nepal and other countries and regions. After years of hard work, the product of high voltage and large capacity rectifier transformer has been promoted from production to brand building.
The company is one of the key enterprises in Nanchang. It has won many honorary titles, such as "National Machinery Industry Advanced Collective" Jiangxi Industrial "Four Rate Pacemaker" Enterprise, Nanchang Top 10 Taxpayer Enterprise, Nanchang Top 20 Sales Enterprise, Jiangxi Top 10 Machinery Industry Enterprise, Jiangxi Machinery Industry Advanced Unit of Technological Innovation and so on. In 2011, the company's registered trademark "Jiangchang" brand rectifier transformer was rated as a famous brand product in Jiangxi Province, and won the well-known trademark in Nanchang City in 2014.


Our company and Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. have conducted many rounds of negotiations on the cooperation of the power equipment industry. We have reached an early stage based on the high-level and low-level intelligent complete sets of rail transit equipment to promote the comprehensive cooperation between the two sides in the field of high-end and intelligent power equipment. Based on the sincere invitation of Nanchang Jingkai District, in 2017, our company has started the construction of "high-end intelligent transmission and distribution equipment" project in Nanchang Jingkai District, and has wholly registered and established Jiangxi Galaxy Electric Technology Co., Ltd. to fully operate this project.
The project focuses on the development of high-end intelligent high, middle and low-level distribution equipment, new intelligent energy-saving distribution equipment, innovative research and development and industrialization of advanced equipment in strategic emerging industries.
The total investment of the project is 200 million yuan, the construction period is three years, the annual output value of the project is 1 billion yuan after completion, and the annual output of high, medium and low voltage distribution equipment is 10,000 sets, dedicated to becoming an advanced technology-based enterprise in the industry.






Sales clerk


1、College degree or above, major in electrical, mechanical and marketing is preferred, or experience in transformer sales is preferred.
2. Quick response, strong expressive ability, strong communication skills and affinity. 

Bottom Guarantee + Performance Deduction
7-12W/Average Annual

Transformer tester


1. College degree or above, major in motor, power automation, electronics, etc.
2. Good health, teamwork spirit, hardworking and strong ability to resist pressure.
Job Wage + Performance
4-6W/Average Annual

Customer Service Commissioner


1. Male, junior college or above, major in mechanical and electrical is preferred;
2. Healthy, hard-working, able to adapt to long-term travel.
Job Wage + Performance
6-10W/Average Annual

Electrical (Mechanical) Engineer


1. Male, college degree or above. Major in mechanical, electrical, automation, etc.
2. Proficiency in CAD and other general office software.
Job Wage + Performance
5-8W/Average Annual

Production Technician


1. Male, junior college degree, major in mechanical and electrical engineering is preferred;
2. Good health and hard work.

Job Wage + Piecework Wage 5-7W/Average Annual

HR generalist


1. College degree or above. Majors in human resources, business administration, administration, psychology are preferred.
2. Grasp at least one module to help build and sort out the company's human resources system and implement landing.

Job Wages + Subsidies 5-6W/Average Annual

Quality specialist


1. College degree or above, with quality management, transformer manufacturing related expertise, management is preferred.
2. Proficiency in office software

Job Wages + Subsidies 5-6W/Average Annual


Corporate Welfare


Statutory holidays, paid annual vacations, five insurance and one fund, holiday funds, year-end awards, cooling fees, heating fees, health check-ups, employee vocational skills training, employee career planning training, working meals, apartment accommodation, commuting buses, amateur cultural activities, etc.


Contact information


Contact person: Mr. Jiang's
telephone number: 0791-83825092
QQ: 2899290383
Address: Jingkai Avenue, Jingkai District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province
Company website: www.jbkj.net

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