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  The company always stresses technology research and development and integration of industry, university and research. Since 1960s, the company has developed more than 10 new technologies, new products or new processes every year, among which there were more than 30 projects passed through the evaluation of the government, and about 25 projects awarded Provincial or Municipal Excellent New Products or Science and Technology Progress Award, the company has made a great number of scientific and technological achievements, developed 220kV direct step-down rectifier transformer, 330kV rectifier transformer, 330kV power rectifier transformer, 220kV/420MVA generator transformer, traction transformer, split-phase combined power transformer and nuclear transformer, wherein the self-developed 330kV rectifier transformer and 220kV direct step-down rectifier transformer reached the internationally advanced level.
  For the urgent need to electromagnetic, mechanical strength, body temperature rise, insulation and short-circuit resistance technologies during production of transformers, the company has built up software, design and test R&D centers to mainly develop high-efficiency energy-saving transformers which are featured by high voltage, low energy consumption, low noise, superior performance and reliable operation, analyze the computer optimization techniques including electric field analysis software, wave process software and leakage magnetic field analysis software, make quantitative analysis on the loss distribution of large-capacity transformer, take some relative measures in structure for providing design basis, search for applications of latest achievements of science and technology into power transmission and transformation field, and make technological breakthroughs.
  In 2009, Yinhe Invest Transformer Division Technology Center was founded by giving first place to JTST to form a professional technician team with strong sense of responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit by integrating technology R&D forces of Guangxi Liuzhou Special Transformer Co., Ltd. and Beihai Transformer Co., Ltd. during sustainable development of enterprise scale and upgrading of products. The company has established a complete set of open mechanisms that lead veteran staff to instruct new hands and make successors to absorb excellent technological achievements and thinking of predecessors and perfect it. Furthermore, the company has invites a group of famous experts and scholars for keeping the technical team at a higher standard always through their tuition and guidance, adheres to the policy of independent development and combination of industry, university and research for the purpose of compacting technical goals, improving innovation capability, fostering high-quality scientific research personnel, and actively developing the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.
  The company pays more attention to intellectual property protection all the time, and takes the possession of large mount of proprietary technologies and propriety intellectual property rights as the central link for promoting structural adjustment and competitiveness and the strategic basis of scientific and technological development. The company especially sets up R&D budges to support declaration of patents and transformation of patent achievements, exploits and occupies market by intellectual properties, forges self-owned brand and enhances market competitiveness. Over the years, the company has been identified as “Jiangxi Famous Brand Product”. Our researchers had actively applied for about 35 patents to State Intellectual Property Office, among which there were 21 authorized patents, including 5 invention patents and 14 utility model patents, and 2 registration certificates for “Copyright of Computer Software”. The company was invited to join in National Technical Committee for Standardization of Transformer and Transformer Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, and participated in revise and formulation of national and industrial technical standards.


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