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110kV Power Transformer Step-down Transformer 220kV Power Transformer



1. In 1954, people from Shenyang, Shanghai and other places established Jiangxi Electrical Machinery Plant for supporting China mainland construction, wherein the sixth workshop was engaged in maintenance and manufacture of transformers.

2. In 1968, the sixth workshop moved to Lehua Commune, Xinjian County, Nanchang as Transformer Branch of Jiangxi Electrical Machinery Plant.

3. In Jan. 1969, with approval of Jiangxi Municipal Government, Transformer Branch was set as Jiangxi Transformer Plant independently.

4. In 1987, Jiangxi Transformer Plant successfully developed SFP-90000/220 power transformer, and then was designated by the state as one of the first group of 220kV power transformer manufacturers.

5. In 1989, self-developed ZHSFPT-90000/110 direct step-down rectifier transformer was put into operation, which filled the gap in China and was awarded “National Excellent Product”, thus the company confirmed its dominant position in the rectifier transformer manufacturing.

6. In 1998, Jiangxi Transformer Plant was restructured into Jiangxi Transformer Co., Ltd.

7. On Dec. 28th, 2000, with approval of Jiangxi Municipal Government, Jiangxi Transformer Co., Ltd. as main body sponsored to set up Jiangxi Transformer Science & Technology Co., Ltd. that was identified as a key high-tech enterprise of National Torch Plan in the same year.

8. In Feb. 2001, the first ZHSFPTB-43420/220 regulating rectifier transformer was put into use in Sichuan Xinguangxing Aluminum Co., Ltd., which made the company a leading high-voltage and large-capacity rectifier transformer enterprise in China from then on. Until now, the company has provided nearly 200 sets of 220kV rectifier transformers for more than 40 electrolytic aluminum projects at home and abroad.

9. In Aug. 2002, Guangxi Beihai Yinhe High-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. reorganized Jiangxi Transformer Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

10. In 2003, the company implemented technological transformation project of special transformer production, the seventh batch of special fund for treasury bond approved by the state, and invested RMB60 million to construct a full-featured 330kV or below transformer production system.

11. In 2005, two sets of OSFPSZ9-240000/330 power transformers produced by the company delivered to Lanzhou Aluminum Hewan Electricity Generating Co., Ltd. This is the first time for the company to manufacture power transformer with the highest voltage class in China. The successful production marked that JTST stepped into the development of a competitive enterprise of 330kV extreme high voltage power transformer. 

12. In 2006, China Aluminum International Engineering Corporation Limited ordered ten sets of ZHSFPTB-382740/220 rectifier transformers for export to India, which marked JTST took a solid step for the strategy of making competitive products and developing overseas market.

13. In 2009, to improve product grade, enterprise image and market competition, The Project on Development of 500kV EHV Transformer and Trunk Line Electrification Traction Transformer the company applied for was approved by Jiangxi Development and Reform Commission and reported for National Development and Reform Commission, and it was the only technological upgrading project which was listed into 2009 national central investment projects for industry revitalization and technical transformation in the machinery industry of Jiangxi.   

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