Employee care

Employee children education award

The company advocates the educational concept of "diligent study and active progress", and gives 1000~2000 yuan of educational rewards to the children of employees who have achieved outstanding results in the junior and senior high school graduation examinations.

Staff condolences

The Party Committee and the Labor Union of the Company pay visits to needy Party members, employees who are ill in hospital and injured on business, offer condolences to disabled and dead staff members' relatives, "two participants" and demobilized cadres, implement corresponding treatment according to policies, and timely pay condolences and subsidies. Every year, veterans' symposiums are held to pay attention to needs and distribute souvenirs.

Physical examination for all staff

The company regularly organizes all employees to have physical examination to prevent diseases and care for employees.

Medical assistance for retired employees

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Retired Employees' Medical Assistance Fund, the Company provides medical assistance and medical subsidies to retired employees, so as to truly share the development achievements with the enterprise.