training and education

1、 Perfect training system

In order for new employees to get familiar with the company's culture and atmosphere as soon as possible and integrate into the big family of Jiangbian, the company has developed a new employee pre job training course for each new employee. After the pre job training, the company has designated a mentor for new employees, who is a department head or senior employee. The mentor will provide on-the-job guidance to each new employee to help them get familiar with their posts smoothly.

According to the needs of professional knowledge of each department, and in order to broaden employees' work vision, enhance work skills, and let employees timely understand the new trends of industry development, the company makes full use of internal and external training resources to organize employees to carry out post skills training, such as post professional knowledge, technical knowledge, safety operation procedures, special types of work, engineering technology and other training courses.

Training methods

1. Technical posts and technicians carry out the work of helping and guiding, and gradually improve the skills of technical staff;

2. Invite experts from outside or internal staff to train the trainees in a centralized way;

3. The company sends employees to participate in work related training, which is divided into amateur, semi full-time and full-time training;

4. Organize employees to visit and exchange with relevant enterprises or regions, and learn the management, production, operation and special work experience of advanced enterprises;