Unite to win 2020

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2020-01-21 16:54

2In the afternoon of January 20, 2020, all the employees of the company gathered together to hold the 2019 annual summary and commendation meeting. Mr. Situ Gongyun, Chairman of Galaxy Investment and Jiangbian, and Mr. Ye Debin, Executive Vice President of Galaxy Investment attended the meeting and delivered speeches. The meeting was presided over by Wan Ling, Deputy General Manager of the Company.

Tang Jie, the general manager of the Company, on behalf of the management, made a summary report on the work of the Company in 2019 entitled "Uniting to Win 2020". The report points out that "2019 is the first year for the company to implement the" four-wheel drive "strategy, and the year of reform to optimize human resource management and improve efficiency. With the double positive effects of the external market warming and internal and external quality improvement, the company's" four-wheel drive "strategy has achieved initial results, and various business indicators have been significantly improved, laying a solid foundation for the realization of the 2020 work goals". The report also summarizes in detail the achievements of the company in "four-wheel drive", management innovation, quality management, process technology and other key work in 2019.
In view of the work goal of 2020, President Tang emphasized his work determination with "four unswervingness":
1. Firmly improve the business performance of the enterprise;
2. Firmly promote the "four-wheel drive" strategy;
3. Firmly increase talent cultivation and technological innovation;
4. Firmly focus on quality and management incentives.
The conference also commended individuals and groups who won "Jiangbian Craftsman", "Excellent Staff", "Excellent Manager", "Excellent Team", "Excellent Staff of Galaxy Investment" and "General Manager Special Award" in 2019.















President Ye read the Notice on the Appointment and Dismissal of Personnel such as Situ Gongyun from Galaxy Investment Headquarters. He pointed out that the company's work summary report for 2019 comprehensively summarized the company's achievements in the past year from five aspects and 15 key points, which is the result of the joint efforts of Jiangbian people. Thank Jiangbian people! In combination with the current situation of Jiangbian and the "four unswerving" measures formulated in 2020, President Ye pointed out that he believes Jiangbian has the ability and confidence to achieve the annual goals!

Chairman Situ put forward in his concluding speech that in 2019, all sectors of society, especially the manufacturing industry, will face difficulties in development, but Jiangbian has withstood the test and its market competitiveness will continue to highlight. The headquarters appreciated the work performance of Jiangbian in 2019, especially the achievements of the "four-wheel drive" transformation and development. For the work of the company in 2020, Chairman Situ put forward three requirements: First, we should strive together. Everyone should have a clear goal and responsibility, and seize the opportunity to improve the macro environment to accelerate development; 2、 Seek benefits from management. The company should work hard on cost reduction and strict management, and the headquarters will also formulate relevant systems, integrate resources, and vigorously support Jiangbian; 3、 Further expand the power transformation market and continue to promote the "four-wheel drive" strategy.


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