Mr. Xu Hongjun, President of Jiangbian Science and Technology Co., Ltd., gave lectures to the students of the second youth cadre class

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2019-06-27 15:44

On the afternoon of March 4, 2018, Mr. Xu Hongjun, Chairman and President of Galaxy Investment and President of Jiangbian Science and Technology, delivered a profound explanation on the topic of "Experience and Thinking on Management" to the students of the second training course for young backbone employees.
Chairman Xu discussed three issues: improving professional quality, improving management skills and building an excellent team. First of all, on the issue of improving professional quality, Chairman Xu decomposed the problem layer by layer, and then began with his own work experience to describe the historical background of the case and guide the students to think about and discuss the case; Then on the issue of improving management skills, Chairman Xu described the ability of the top ten management skills, conducted case analysis and discussion without standard answers, and greatly stimulated the students' sense of participation and enthusiasm for learning through on-site interaction of multiple cases; Finally, on the issue of building an excellent team, Chairman Xu explained various aspects of team building, emphasizing the key role of team leaders and execution.
During the training, due to the sudden severe storm, the company was temporarily cut off. Chairman Xu gave full play to his leadership role to stabilize the morale of the army. He talked with the students of the youth cadre class about mobile phone lighting, and earnestly hoped that the students would improve their executive and systematic abilities, accelerate their growth, and jointly build a better future!

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