The labor union of the company held a tug of war competition to welcome the New Year

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2019-12-31 15:12

On the morning of December 31, 2019, the labor union of the company held the tug of war competition of the "Endeavour Cup" employee sports meeting in the factory, with 9 teams participating. In the game, all the players on the court were full of fighting spirit and held their strength to the end; Cheers and shouts from the cheering team kept rising one after another with high enthusiasm. After a fierce competition, the Assembly Branch, the Sheet Welding Branch and the Technology Branch won the first three places respectively. So far, the 39th Jiangbian Staff Games ended successfully.
The tug of war shows the spirit of unity, cooperation and hard work of employees. Let's unite and forge ahead for the vigorous development of the enterprise in the new year and create new brilliance!

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