Sprint and Accumulate Strength -- The company held the third quarter business meeting

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2019-12-23 08:57

It is only more than 60 days before the end of 2019, so as to make a good ending for the whole year and a good start for 2020. On October 28, Jiangbian Technology held the third quarter operation working meeting with the theme of "Sprint, Accumulate Power". The company's senior executives and middle managers (including assistant level) attended the meeting, which was chaired by Tang Jie, the general manager.
According to the agenda of the meeting, General Manager Assistant Fan Junping, Chief Engineer Huang Qiang and General Manager Assistant Huang Siguang successively reported the main work of the market, technology and production in the third quarter and the work arrangement in the fourth quarter. From the content of the report, it can be seen that since the determination and implementation of the "four wheel drive" strategy, all systems and work have achieved good performance around the strategic objectives, and the sales contract has been undertaken in large quantities The technical level has been improved and the production task has been unprecedented full.
Tang Jie, the general manager, on behalf of the company, summarized the overall work in the third quarter: in the third quarter, two large rectifier transformer contracts were signed, and one of them was to be announced. The winning rate of electrolytic aluminum project was 100%, and the market advantage was more obvious; The non electrolytic aluminum contract has exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time in many years; Carry forward the contract of 200 million yuan in the first half of next year; The qualification rate of the electrical performance of the product in the first test is 100%, the partial discharge of the product is ≤ 50PC, and the process manufacturing level has achieved a breakthrough.



In order to make a comprehensive breakthrough in the fourth quarter and plan for 2020, President Tang made plans to focus on capital security, complete the contract sprint, ensure production and quality, introduce human resources, focus on technical stability and design standardization, and require managers at all levels to cherish opportunities and redouble their efforts under the favorable situation of market warming, price rising, and stable internal and external environment!
At the end of the meeting, Chairman Xu Hongjun affirmed the highlights of the Company's work in the third quarter and put forward four requirements. First, the market should become warmer, be prepared for danger in times of peace, and unswervingly develop the non electrolytic aluminum market; 2、 Efforts should be made to solve the problem of talent introduction in a timely manner, especially in the recruitment of front-line employees, to ensure the combat effectiveness of grass-roots staff. 3、 The "four-wheel drive" strategy should be implemented, and all businesses must blossom and bear fruit as soon as possible. 4、 The company's cadres and employees should redouble their efforts to carry forward the spirit of "factory glory and factory failure" and jointly manage Jiangbian well!

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