The brightest "star" in ordinary posts -- Congratulate Xiong Chunhui, the employee of the company, on winning the honorary title of "the most beautiful employee" in Nanchang

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2019-12-23 08:53

On August 23, Xiong Chunhui, the head of the general assembly team of the assembly workshop of the company, was awarded the honorary title of "the most beautiful worker" in the city at the 2019 "Most Beautiful Worker" Selection and Commendation Meeting held by Nanchang Federation of Trade Unions and the Municipal Civilization Office.

As a general assembly team leader in the assembly workshop, he is a senior technician of transformer assembly. Over the past 23 years, he has silently contributed his own strength to ordinary jobs. With solid professional knowledge, superb business skills and positive working attitude, he has interpreted the demeanor of a Communist Party member and a new era enterprise worker with a sense of responsibility, becoming the brightest star in ordinary jobs.

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