Reform pilot, sheet metal welding first

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2019-12-23 08:51

In order to improve the economic benefits of the company, give full play to the advantages of production capacity, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, and improve the income level of employees, the company decided to carry out a pilot contract in the sheet metal welding workshop.
On the afternoon of August 23, the company held the "Signing Ceremony for the Contracting of the Sheet Welding Workshop" in the conference room on the third floor. Huang Siguang, assistant to the general manager, presided over the signing ceremony. The company's senior executives, the management team and team leaders of the sheet welding workshop, and other workshop leaders witnessed the signing of the contract by Tang Jie, the general manager, and Xiao Liang, the director of the sheet welding workshop.
Xiao Liang, director of the sheet metal welding workshop, made a speech, saying that he would lead the workshop staff to make a good start for the company's production workshop contracting pilot, and live up to the company's expectations for the sheet metal welding workshop!
Tang Jie, the general manager of the company, interpreted the innovation points of the contracting scheme, and put forward the following requirements for the contracting pilot work of the sheet metal welding workshop: First, the workshop should dare to innovate, and there should be new methods and new ideas on how to do a good job of increasing income and reducing expenditure, so as to effectively improve economic benefits; Second, we should rely on and mobilize workshop staff to do a good job in the pilot work of contracting, and accumulate experience and go a good way for the contracting of other workshops; Third, incentives should be in place in time. At the end of the year, the company will award the workshop and management team individuals with unified settlement, and the internal incentive should be paid in time.
How to ensure the completion of the busy production tasks in the second half of the year while improving the economic efficiency of the workshop is a new topic before the management team of the sheet metal welding workshop. Let's wait and see!

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