Four times to sign export orders with Jiangbian

Release time:

2019-12-23 08:50

On August 8, 2019, Jiangxi Transformer Technology Co., Ltd. and Malaysia Bintulu Aluminum Co., Ltd. successfully signed a procurement contract for 320KT/Y electrolytic aluminum 275kV on load voltage regulating rectifier transformer units. This project is the fourth phase project of Mintulu Aluminum. With excellent product quality and excellent customer service, Jiangbian has directly signed a contract with Foshan, Guangdong.
Since July, with the launch of Baiyinhua, Yunnan Wenshan Aluminum and other power transformation projects, the company has entered the climax of production and operation, with full tasks and pleasant situation. The successful signing of the fourth phase project of Bindulu Aluminum has laid a solid foundation for the company to fully implement the "four-wheel drive strategy", marking the further sublimation of the cooperation between Jiangbian and Bindulu Aluminum; Jiangbian Manufacturing has gone abroad again, fulfilling the company's core value of "creating lifelong customers", and will certainly leave a significant mark in Jiangbian's development history!

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