"New blood, new power and new development"

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2019-12-23 08:31

In order to make new employees fully understand the company's corporate culture and better integrate into the working environment, the Human Resources Department organized the first phase of new employee orientation training for 10 new employees who had recently joined the company on the morning of May 28.
Cai Pengfei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company, made a speech at the beginning of the training. With the time node as the coordinate, Secretary Cai described the company's development process and corporate culture in detail, and expressed deep expectations for new employees: to strengthen communication, improve team cohesion, improve self-learning ability, and play the largest role in their respective posts. At the same time, when encountering difficulties, we should be prepared mentally, firm in our belief, strive hard, and finally realize our self-worth.

Later, Assistant General Manager Xie Jiahao made an important summary of the company's development history and corporate culture. He said that new employees should have a deep understanding of the company's development history and corporate culture. At the same time, he hoped that everyone could perform their duties and work hard to promote the innovative development of the company.

Later, the HR Department introduced, publicized and implemented the Company Profile and Employee Handbook, and introduced the company profile and rules and regulations in detail; The Design Department has conducted training on "Basic Knowledge of Transformer" to let new employees understand the production principle of transformer; The Production Safety Technology Department has conducted training on the Company's Safe Production and Site Management, so that everyone can better understand the significance of safe production to the enterprise.
It is hoped that all new employees can integrate into the work team as soon as possible through this training, realize their own values in their work posts, actively forge ahead, follow the pace of the company's development, work together and create dreams.

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