Sweating, red face, smooth breathing

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2019-12-23 08:27

On May 23-24, Xu Hongjun, Chairman of Galaxy Investment and Chairman of Jiangbian, respectively convened a series of symposiums for technical system personnel, middle managers, chairmen of branches of the company's trade union and employee representatives in the meeting room on the third floor of the company. Tang Jie, General Manager of the Company, Cai Pengfei, Secretary of the Party Committee, Wan Ling, Chairman of the Labor Union and other company leaders attended the meeting.

The atmosphere of the symposium was sincere and warm. Everyone expressed their opinions, talked about the difficulties in work and life, and their opinions and suggestions on the company's production, quality, management, etc. The leaders at the meeting exchanged cordially with the employees of each system, fully understood the difficulties in the grass-roots work, and discussed the main contradictions faced by the company's operation and the problems that the employees generally care about, such as ensuring full contract tasks, equipment and facilities investment and talent investment.
Finally, Chairman Xu Hongjun said that the company would carefully study the opinions and suggestions put forward by everyone, adopt reasonable suggestions, formulate clear solutions and measures for relevant problems within a time limit, and quickly implement them. I hope you will always keep a positive attitude, constantly improve your business level, work hard to do your job well, and jointly promote the development of the company!

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